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Ozzy’s Real Job During Covid

Back when Covid was in full swing it’s said that Ozzy, among other rock stars had to get a real job. Nobody would go to their concerts out of fear of getting sick. Without the ability to tour these guys (that often spend all their money on frivolous things) were...

Why Can’t You Deal with Me?

This little video was shot back in 2020 during a long alcohol-soaked day. It’s probably a good example of why a person can’t deal with me. The whole thing is just ridiculous. I have no idea where the actual raw video is on all these different machines. But...

Cooking With Whiskey

I sure like having a bunch of Whiskey and Cooking up a snack. Here is a demonstration of me doing just that.           I have no idea if that little snack was any good. In fact, I just stumbled across this footage last week. I tell people I...