Daves Out. Underground. 
Freaking Out. 

Well I’m working on a short set of songs and have signed up for an account on DistroKid. I’m going to go thru the process of actually releasing a record to the all the streaming services. – Just to see what happens.

Distrokid looks very easy and is totally affordable. Maybe a bunch of people will stream my masterpieces and I’ll recover my expenses. But I understand folks only get about 1/32 of a cent for every stream that plays. So obviously. I ain’t doin it for the money. I just wanna have my record available in a store ya know. To make myself feel good. Like an real artist! A real musician. The real deal.

The songs I’m working on are so ridiculous I’m curious if the streamers will even allow them to go up on the platforms. If it doesn’t I’ suppose I’ll just put em up on here or whatever to offer them to planet earth.

I wanna give something back after all…