Daves Out. Underground. 
Freaking Out. 


Howdy, I’m trying to show my visitors some really cool stuff. Probably miss the mark but I think my welcome message is pretty cool!

You Want Help?

I can give you advice if you you want. But your probably won’t take it. And it won’t be worth a hill of beans anyway. Heck I’ll save you the time. Just take a look in the mirror.


Daves Open Underground Film Occult

An Absurd Band of Passionate Sound Creationists and/or Musician Developers.

In other words. A kid with a tape recorder is now an old man with a Mac.


It’s just a poem. Isn’t doesn’t mean any damn thing does it? I ain’t no wordsmith or storyteller but I have to write some kind of dialog to my creations. Yes, it’s true.


If your looking for stars, or you think you  have arrived at a star’s website,  Time to be disapointed. You’ll never find my name on the hollywood walk of stars.


Oh sure. I’ll talk about it, you’ll talk about me—plenty of backstabbing and criticism. There’s always someone offering advice you didn’t ask for.


Music Mixing

Your not going to find any mixing tutorials here. My mixes suck. And when I think it sounds good to me I’ll take it to the car and realize the truth. It’s a demo.


People will tell me how I need to improve. Or that I should go to welding school, even though I’m almost at retirement age.  It is what it is. I do have tons of tracks I have thrown together over the years and I’m always working on some kind of nonsense. It’s just what I do. Here is another ‘album’ or whatever I posted on BandLab.