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Freaking Out. 

I remember when I first started playing with Websites. I thought it was really cool to put your stuff “out there” ! I read that Radiohead had a cool arty website that had all kinds of features and puzzles and interesting thing to do.

What Kind of Things?

Weird pictures, hidden links, trap doors. i took a look tonight and saw it’s just another WordPress powered site to manage content. (i think) Why take the time to write out a bunch of html or whatever and make an old weird looking old style site these days? – Really, nobody cares.

i tried to so something similar using Dreamweaver software. Dreamweaver was a powerful website building program that nobody uses anymore. I was so moved by Radiohead’s site that I tried it myself. Unfortunately that website no longer exists. It might be a nice walk down memory lane if it did. Whatever…

Hmmm, Maybe could I do something like that with my current website? You know some secret stuff and puzzles or something. It’s bound to do better than my silly speeches, stories and videos. Why not start with this post!

For those who are interested there is a link in this post that downloads a song. If your the first person to name the song and give me a little review of it I’ll PayPal or CashApp you $1.99 for your effort. -Comment below- And you will get a nice copy of the song while your at it. You can listen to it on your phone, or in your car!

Heck, I’ll do it for the first 5 reviews! 🙂

I got a really good feeling about this!