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The Music

never know what I want to do with all this crap. At first, I thought I’d just post all my stupid ‘art films’ on this blog but decided I better post some of my musical masterpieces up here too. Then I think, I want to post some of the masterpieces I recorded with various bands. But, I conclude that is rather silly as they are mostly old cassette tape head crap. Then I  listen to it and think ‘that’s not too bad’ – Hmmm? Then I realize… It ALL sucks! So I post it anyway.  

The Platform

I have plenty of tracks up on different platforms. Some stay, some are dropped, most of them are nonsense. BandLab is my favorite platform to post tracks. I have been on a quest to turn other music creators, friends, quitters and weak hobbiest (like myself) to use the platform. BandLab offers an online DAW, unlimted storage and posts, networking, coloborations and masterig, all totally free. But can I sell it to folks? Of course not! Nobody cares. And, I don’t either. 




Good Mix


Noise & Hiss


Potential Hits

Music  Boosted  By 0%

Mobile Madness

A few people still listen to albums and tapes.You used to have to go over to your computer to listen to, create and share some songs on the internet. Now everyone just uses their phone for entertainment. It’s ridiculous (as I sit looking at my phone while watching TV)


It’s all digital. (Eye-roll) I have tons of analog masters and some 1/4 reel demo’s at somebody’s house. Some exist, some don’t. I converted some of them over to digital for people’s phones. Should I continue sharing those things out here in cyberspace? No, but I probably will anyway. 

Buy the Music?

I signed up for a service that gets your tracks posted on all the big streaming services. Apple, Spotify, Amazon, etc. But I figured they would ax any submissions on the fact that it’s either borrowing too heavily from the famous guys or simply too horrible to offer it to society. So I typically keep it down here in the underground where it belongs. 

  • Given a demo that they never listen to 80% 80%
  • Listeners that like what they hear and come back to hear more. 22% 22%
  • Those who hear a demo and have no comment, good or bad. 75% 75%
  • Listeners who rave with kudo’s and praise! 7% 7%

The Results Were Amazing

– You damn straight they are amzing. It’s amazing how much material I have created over the years and continue to create without any interest. Maybe because it isn’t interesting?  Upon taking  an honest appraisal of my popularity and response of all my tracks, the stats don’t lie.- It sucks. Always has, always will. 

So why do I do it? Well, I wrote a blurb or blog around here somewhere. I can’t remember right now. Maybe later. 

Hey, I’ve got a little speech. I say a lot about my wonderful art, but the key takeaway that I really want everybody to understand is… SPACE


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