Daves Out. Underground. 
Freaking Out. 

When one takes a long hard look in the mirror at 3 AM they are probably contemplating their lifestyle. I mean why the hell else does a person hold his phone and take selfies of himself in a dark bedroom.

Some might say the guy could be discovering the light of God or whatever, but the real story is he’s probably stoned and his life is going down the tubes. Hey, I’ve been wrong before, but, come on now…What the heck?

The music is pretty catchy, but that was done before the mirror episode.

This video was flagged on TicTok because of copyright issues and I’m the one who wrote the song, Plenty of my stuff has sampled things or are straight covers or parodies of songs and I have never been flagged one single time. Probably because nobody knows I’m out here on the wild world web posting my genius works of art. And if they do. They don’t care. So whatever TicTok, You can just fuck off then.