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Freaking Out. 


Silly old man fancies himself a film maker.

Why Can’t You Deal with Me?

This little video was shot back in 2020 during a long alcohol-soaked day. It's probably a good example of why a person can't deal with me. The whole thing is just ridiculous. I have no idea where the actual raw video is on all these different machines. But back then I...

Cooking With Whiskey

Back in my wilder days I thought I'd cook myself a late night snack. Rather it was good or not escapes me. Cooking with wine or wiskey. It really doesnt matter. Right? 

Cutting demos and videos in a bedroom since I was 10. Or something like that.  I had fun with it so I did some more. Then I quit. And then I restarted. It really all depends on how deep the water is, that I’m treading. I could be in a surviving a storm ya know? 


Sewer plant.

Look at that. 50 years old and still daydreaming about fame and fortune. If it doesn’t work out there’s plenty of stuff on TV these days. 


DeWatering Facility