Daves Out. Underground. 
Freaking Out. 

This little video was shot back in 2020 during a long alcohol-soaked day. It’s probably a good example of why a person can’t deal with me. The whole thing is just ridiculous. I have no idea where the actual raw video is on all these different machines. But back then I posted it up on youtube.

I felt the backyard was getting a bit overgrown so I decided to go on a very shakey walk (stumble) around with my phone and get some footage of it. It all looks like something you may see on a pre-yard landscaping promotional video.

Later you see me sitting on the couch, still pounding beer and saying some kind of nonsense to Lucy while watching Gone with the Wind. She wanted me to watch that movie and we played it all day but I don’t really remember the plot.

Damn, how could she deal with me?

The song is an old analog recording we did in a short-lived band. We called ourselves ‘Hippie Hut” because the singer was our friend Neil Hutto. He co-wrote the song with ol’ Dave Caylor. I wish the audio was a bit louder but it’s the only copy I can find of the actual video. Now… Can you deal with it?