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Cool Arty Website

Cool Arty Website

I remember when I first started playing with Websites. I thought it was really cool to put your stuff “out there” ! I read that Radiohead had a cool arty website that had all kinds of features and puzzles and interesting thing to do. What Kind of Things?...
Thrill Me –  Sampled Journey and Steve Miller

Thrill Me – Sampled Journey and Steve Miller

Thrill me is a song I had laying in my drive among a bunch of other experiments, covers, jams and originals. -Such as they are. I like busting out a groove while I’m driving around. I drum on the dash and make some silly repetitive sounds with my mouth that I...
Record Release – EP

Record Release – EP

Well I’m working on a short set of songs and have signed up for an account on DistroKid. I’m going to go thru the process of actually releasing a record to the all the streaming services. – Just to see what happens. Distrokid looks very easy and is...

My Music Career Pt4

This part of my little speech really doesn’t have anything to do with my music career. It’s just me talking about the 90’s band Oasis. I’m not really sure what the point is of this video except if they could do something, why not me? The...

My Music Career Pt 2

Finding my music career has been a long story. I am pushing 60 after all. I actually started when I was a little kid. I would record myself doing various things. Talking singing, being silly etc. into a little cassette tape recorder. I would also record music I...
Difuser Band  Tulsa Oklahoma

Difuser Band Tulsa Oklahoma

Difuser is a Band in Tulsa OKlahoma. I played drums for them for a season after a break from the original drummer. We played several shows and also went into the studio.  The sessions went quickly for me and most songs were played and recorded live.  The guiar player...