Daves Out. Underground. 
Freaking Out. 

Difuser is a Band in Tulsa OKlahoma. I played drums for them for a season after a break from the original drummer. We played several shows and also went into the studio.  The sessions went quickly for me and most songs were played and recorded live.  The guiar player and song writter (Erv Felker) stayed late into the night to finish the sessions. I think the songs sound pretty good.  Especially for a stright up 1 day session – start to finish. 

This video is one of the songs we recorded that day. 

I think this is the like the second time I had ever been into a ‘recording studio’ in my life. I’ve done plenty of bedroom demos but this was the socond time I had been recoded with an actual engineer and real equipment. 

It was fun. I enjoyed it. 

The song is called ‘Dart Custom’ Back when we were playing the song I had always wondered what the heck a Dart Custom is. But I never asked because I disn’t want to seem like a dumbass. Then I thought about it.. 

It’s a freaking car… “Dodge Dart” – Custom built. I suppose a car you loved back in the day would have memories. They may even leave you forever changed.


Difuser Tulsa