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What’s Up with MySpace?

Image via Wikipedia Myspace used to be so cool back in the day.. So popular and everybody was doing it.. Myspacing there friends and hooking up and cheating and all that wacky stuff… I suppose Facebook was also around then.. I just didn’t know about it.....

MySpace Cyber Meat Market Review

Hey, you ever heard of myspace ? I remember hearing those words years ago. It was brand new then and growing strong… So, I of course joined. See here ! Many web geeks then (and now) can’t stand myspace. But for all the sexual/dating/flirting/cheating computer novices...

Texting and Driving DWT

Image via Wikipedia Driving down the highway… Look up, look down… Gee I don’t wanna mis spell anything.. This message to a myspace buddy is just TOO important. It’s funny watching people  driving around…They are either talking on the...