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Used Car Lot’s – Paperwork and Meetings

Image by Bill Herndon via Flickr Why does it always have to be a struggle to buy a car… When you go in you have to be greeted in the lot by a guy…Then he wants you to come into his office and have a meeting. But he can’t stay long. He will then need...

Weekend Fun with Guns

It’s Friday night.. Maybe it would be a good time to take your gun and go out drinking…I used to go out drinking. But never with a gun. Hey this could be something new for me. I always like new experiences!Perhaps I could go to the local Wal Mart…...

Mr. Right and Mr. Wrong

Image by yourFAVORITEmartian via Flickr Always looking for the “right” guy to complete the girlfriend/wife..Whatever…It’s a strange world… I never seem to be “Mr Right” And Ms. Wrong ignores me all night… What a sight!...