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Google Adsense – Don\’t Break The Rules


I got a notice from Google about my Adsense account. You can see the ad\’s there on the right..(maybe) I have owned this site for several years.. I don\’t blog on it much anymore. My brother uses it  a lot – he is a film buff and enjoys reviewing movies .

So anyway Google sends me an email…

One or more of your sites has been in violation of AdSense policies.

Huh? What the heck are they talking about? I go over and look!  Here it is! Yes.. My old blog… Violating Google Rules… What is it?

Well….The Email says:

AD MISLABELING: Publishers may not implement Google ads in a manner that disguises the ads in any way.

How am I doin that?  OH…. It said \’KEWL\’ above one ad. And  \’Stuff\” above another.. It can\’t say that.  It has to say – Advertisements\’ Or \’sponsored links\’ 😉

OK… I\’m glad we got that cleared up. I have had this site up since like 2008. Hmmm 8 years. Sorry I didn\’t wanna break any rules…Good they got around to telling me.

I took a quick look at my balance while I was fixing the problems..  A grand total of $76.66

It\’s money in the bank……

Little Drummer Boy – My Video


The Little Drummer Boy is one of my favorite Christmas songs. it was originally know as \”Carol of the Drum\” and was written by Katherine Kennicott Davis in 1941.

This is version was recorded in my home studio using Reaper software.  It\’s really just a practice exercise to try to do a song from start to finish in just a couple days.

In my typical method.  I used cheap guitars and a 2006 MacBook to do the record. I used either stock or free plugins for effects.

Most of the settings are presets except some minor EQ tweaks.

Then I uploaded the file to Landr for mastering – also free.

Yes folks.  A whole Christmas song for your listening pleasure and free download.

Hey… Listen to it in Yer sleigh….

Merry Christmas 2015


Neal Hutto – Riverside Drive

\"166484_10150332334335707_651238_n\"My good friend Neal Hutto passed away around this time of year back in 2010, My thoughts often go back to memories that we shared hanging out… Talking about music and the state of the universe and all that…

He used to MC the open mic nights at the Eclipse club back in the 90\’s. He made the entertainment!  He would introduce me and I\’d stumble drunk up on the stage and sing about abusive youth church camp leaders and such… It was fun!

Yeah… Neal was kool… I was a thug.. There were other artists and punks heckling other losers. What can I say? It was some of the best times of my crazy youth… Well I was pushing 30… But ya know

Dang I miss that guy. 

I didn\’t make it to his funeral but I found a copy the full eulogy of Neal on Facebook. His friend Will knew him much better than I did and said all the right things. He mentions Neal\’s Riverside Drive Tape that he recorded back in 1990. He talks about some of it being digitized but I have never found it on the net..

Well here ya go…   Riverside Drive (download it)

Neal was sleeping at my pad one summer and we were checking it out and I told him \”lemme get a copy of that\” So I simply dubbed one over….And I still have it…

I hadn\’t heard that stuff in a long time… Wow! I don\’t know the names of the songs but it\’s quite a good little musical journey that record. Some really trippy ambient music there…

Simple and effective lyrics

\”love is here to stay..I ain\’t bullshitting…. Love is here to stay\”

Thats the Neal I remember. 

Dave and Lucy Get Married!

\"Dave&Lucy\"Well the Hipster (me yeah whatever) – I got married.  Holy matrimony…. Marital bliss and all that! Hey I found a great girl that  sees the best in me and takes me for what I am. – A knucklehead.

—Really tho…She\’s awesome —!!

I just couldn\’t do any better. I don\’t know about destiny, predestination or God\’s true plan for us humans according to the laws of the Great Universal Spirit…But I got a good feeling about this one. She is a jewel to be treasured…. That\’s why I put a ring on her finger…Ya know?

Lucy and I….We got this! Continue reading

Hipster Christianity?


I saw a blogger post a Hipster Christianity quiz on Facebook.  What did I do?

Well, you KNOW I had to go ahead and take the quiz. — Do I qualify?


What? Thats right folks….It told me I was only moderately hip or something.  Can you believe those freakin guys? They said no….. Oh my…

As I was reading the questions I was tempted to take it again. I think I know now what the right answers would be to qualify me as a hipster, uh. religious dude.  Yeah…Thats me 🙂 Well…. Maybe..

That blog is really  nice over there.  I tried to subscribe but it doesn\’t seem to work. I know he\’s at the top of Google for his term.  I\’m guessing the blog is to promote his book.

Hey man, if you stumble  by this post you should get your feed working.  I\’d follow it. But then maybe a hipster is not so much into the \”social networking\” kinda thing.

Wait? He\’s on Facebook too! Continue reading

Reaper And 2008 Macbook – Excellent Combo


Back in the music lab again…Recording my latest and greatest masterpiece… It is yet \’untitled\’  Maybe I\’ll just keep that name for the record. Uh……..?

I must begin by saying that getting this 6 year old macbook is improving my lab tremendously. I have sought out to do some DAW recording now that it\’s the computer age…But the PC hassles just seemed to be too much… I had recorded other songs.. Like one that my friend Neal wrote.

It was recorded on a PC using Reaper DAW software. It came out pretty good.

At any rate… I was having to many troubles at the time… And no energy to fight the computer issues…

I actually have video of some songs on my Youtube Chanel. . Including the one above… If your interested.  I may blog about each one of them one of these days… – Whatever

All I know for sure is that those tracks can never be finished because I had the files stored on an external hard drive that was stolen by a past acquaintance.  Hey… I luv them dudes and dudettes from my past… I just can\’t chill that way anymore…


There\’s to much life left in me…  Ya know what I\’m sayen?

So.. I have a 2008 Macbook… A Shure SM58…. An LP worth of electronica that I worked up with Acid  years ago…And a fresh copy of licensed Reaper installed.  And I\’m laying down tracks… Cause Macbook and Reaper is where it\’s at.

Hey…What else is there to do? I got something to say after all!


Send me some files of you saying silly stuff… I put it on top of these techno tracks… Ya know? Blah blah blah…..


Demented Dave – D&G Arts Solo Project

Back in the early days here in Tulsa OK my friend Gary Hunt and myself shared a house over by Tulsa University… We


were *like* college kids…But didn\’t go to school at TU. You know what I\’m saying?

Yes folks…We were right there on campus.

We were a bunch of kids thinking we would make a difference in Tulsa pop culture.. We were the underground music kids. We were busy working out our sexual frustrations and tortured youth with a Fostex 4 track recorder.

We drank beer, wrote songs, drank beer wrote songs, drank beer, wrote songs.

Do you see the pattern here?

We talked about art and dreamed big… And, you know? Had fun!

Are you interested in learning more about it? See here:


That is an old static html site I designed years ago that talks a bit about that period… It has several songs for download if your into that sort of thing… They are all LoFi stuff of course. – To us, back then…They were HIGH FI

We were cutting records after all… Ya dig?


Demented Dave – My Solo Project

I recorded a short EP of songs I had written during this period. I believe it is rendered a a little better bit rate than the songs offered on the D&G pages:

Download Demented Dave

Hey! It\’s all for free! You could be listening to this stuff while driving around… On your bike tonight! -With your iPhone

Song Titles

  1. Welcome to My Show
  2. Music
  3. Zero
  4. Tina How are You
  5. Oklahoma Cowboy
  6. Drumming with myself

Halloween – The Devils Holiday


Halloween is in the air again… And, well… It\’s The DEVILS HOLIDAY!
That about sum\’s it up right? I could end this post right here and now and make my point beautifully.

But that\’s no fun… You know how much this blogger enjoys talking about Satan.

What happens on Halloween?

Let\’s see here… I read this description on a Christian Website that I googled:

Continue reading

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