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Emerson LCD TV Remote Codes

So how did you find this post?  Let me guess. You have an Emerson TV that you bought at Wal Mart When you got it home and hooked up your cable box you can’t get the cable remote to work with the TV. Image via Wikipedia Did I get it right? Emerson LCD Model...

Lost Ending – Disappointed? Pure Stupidity

I wanted to start a hateful Facebook campaign concerning the stupidity and  the end of Lost. I did… but it got “lost” in the mix and firestorm of internet chatter in disappointment of the finale. Image by missha via Flickr That show was some of the...

The Flintstones Theme Song

I like theme song’s for  TV show’s. They are  well written and very catchy. One of my fave’s is the song for The Flintstones. I just like The Flintstone’s. Even the one with the silly alien that came to be their friend. The Great Gazoo  was his...