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Hipster Dating Sites

Hipster dating sites! That would be the place where you meet all the hipster’s online for a groovy date.  You meet each other there. Hold cyber hands and think pure thoughts. (I reach out and take your hand.) Let’s go to a art show! (Looking at you...

Love – Valentines and Addiction

Image via Wikipedia It’s almost Valentines day… My love seems to have gone down the drain.. I dunno… I need to learn how to live by myself and love myself… Even if it’s just a little.. So What’s Love Got to do with it anyways? Is it...

Mr. Right and Mr. Wrong

Image by yourFAVORITEmartian via Flickr Always looking for the “right” guy to complete the girlfriend/wife..Whatever…It’s a strange world… I never seem to be “Mr Right” And Ms. Wrong ignores me all night… What a sight!...