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Freaking Out. 

Lots of people are feeling blue these days… Pharmaceutical companies are raking in the profits for psych med’s. It’s a very controversial thing… Many believe that the drug companies are in cahoots with the politicians and the doctors are in cahoots with the drug companies and it’s all about money… Not about getting people well..

I could give a review of Prozac. I took it for a while after my wife died… I was feeling about as blue as a boy can be. I was amazed by how much better I felt … I was happier..  I had headaches, but as I kept taking it the headaches faded…

Happy pills… But then through other trials in life I would stop and then start and then try to “catch up” by taking a double dose or something…This caused other emotions and problems… Then I was prescribed another drug… Abilify.. Which made me feel like I was walking in a swamp or something… Then depekote which made me feel tired..

Now I don’t take ANY med’s at all except some asprin or allergy medicine… Clean living… Let’s be natural… But if you do need the med’s…Better take it as the doctor ordered… You could end up crazier than before… Been there done that…