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This story is my top post on this blog. Rod Stewart – It’s amazing how that such an old story could possible still be popular over 30 years later…Very strange.


I read the story in it’s entirety in Rolling Stone Magazine years ago… I had already heard it on the streets when I was a kid however. Rolling stones story was the first time the story was ever put into print. Nobody knows where it actually came from. The rumor was completely born and raised by word of mouth. 

It’s fun to ask somebody if they know that Rod Stewart had to have his stomach pumped. They either start laughing or don’t have any idea what your talking about. You really need to give it a try sometime… Like this:

Hey man.. Did you know that way back in the day when Ol’ Rod Stewart was famous, he had to go the the hospital in Los Angles and have his stomach pumped? They had to remove a couple of quarts of Semen from his stomach. If you swallow that much semon it will make you sick, Heck, it might kill you…

Now the Rolling Stone article said it was a GALLON… Not a couple of quarts. What the heck? How?
One guy I used to work with answered with this comment:

Yes, He went to the hospital, You see he was at the concert afterparty and they all had a huge circle jerk and Rod was in the middle.

Damn. What can I say? It’s only rock and roll huh?