Daves Out. Underground. 
Freaking Out. 

So when you call some kind of  business be it a doctor office or utility company you always get a computer. …Push one for sales, push 2 for service, push three if you want to make and opponent.

 To speak to a customer service representative push ZERO…

 Well that’s a hard one huh? I may want to do any and all of these things. What I want to do is tell a PERSON about it. Not push buttons all day and then go on hold waiting to talk to a real person anyways…

 So check it out.. The “system” will ask you to “enter your phone number” enter your name and ask other questions.. THEN…When the real person comes on to help you they ask for the very same information that you just told the machine system.. WASSUP?

 OK… Push one for English.. Two for ….. French?

 Happily travel by telephone :