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Why be a Vegeterian? No Bambi Burgers….

I wrote some ramblings years ago about having a “Bambi Burger Bash” in my backyard. We could have one Bambi hanging in a tree and another on the grill… We could also have a bucket of KFC along with some other snacks and appetizers. Later, we could have some home made...

Fast Food Customer Service

How long has it been since you had some fast food?  In the drive through did you get some good service? I’m ‘thinking’ you probably have a story to tell about it… Am I right? I recently tagged along on a road trip with my groovy lady friend and...

Caholicism, Protestantism, History and the Bible

In honor of Fat Tuesday I thought I’d take a little study on Catholicism, Protestants. History and the Bible. People go for many  years studying the Bible (sometime just  one version at that- KJV only )  Guess what?  – The Catholic Bible is NOT the same....