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Opinion: Free Music on the Internet

Image by Thomas Hawk via Flickr Free music marketing. When you do a search for “free Music” or “free music downloads you don’t get any “free music” It’s all about radio.  Last FM consistantly  comes up #1 on in a google...

Opinion: Conservative Christian Movies

Well look here. Conservative Christian Movies!  My brother, the movie reviewing guy he is has started a new blog..Gee.. Looks like he was keeping it a secret from me. Now that I know he is blogging again I, of course, subscribed. I always enjoy reading movie reviews...

My Opinion – What’s it Worth?

Image via Wikipedia Well this is my favorite blog… It was a brainstorm of mine after meeting a friend who had a celebrity blog and was making some money at it.. ( A living actually) It was a crazy dream of mine that people would actually be interested in what...